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Oh Lord distract me from my distractions!

Hey Guys!
All I have to say is that I am so easily distracted by everything. I am also so thankful for my parents because of their love for me and their guidance. My dad sat me down and showed me my weaknesses, and it opened my eyes. Honestly. Its funny how God works though; I've been praying for so long for God to reveal my heart to me and for Him to show me what distracts me. He used my dad to show me just that. So my focus this week is to illuminate anything that takes  so much of my time in life. I have deactivated my Facebook account; and it feels so good not to be tied down with it. I just want to give all my attention to God and not be distracted. So Oh Lord, distract me from my distractions! =) He is so loving and so faithful, becasue He is revealing Himself to me, showing to me how glorious He is, and how beautiful He is, making me realize that i don't need anything else besides Him!
"The more i see of the world, the more I am dissatisfied with it;"-Elizabet…

God is always Good!

Hello there,
I have not heard anything new about my trip to Indonesia yet, but I know this is God way to prepare my heart for His work. Since my last post, God has been proving that He is good, He is good all the time! Not just sometimes. He answers prayers, yes it might not be the way we want them to be answered, but God knows whats best for us right? That's what i keep telling myself! =) I don't know how many of you know me well, but i am a very impatient person. I just really want to be in Indonesia right now, in the orphanage..serving. But God keeps telling me "wait on Me Natalia, and keep My way.."-Ps37:34. While i wait for a next open door, i need to continuously recognize that God is good all the time, and i need to keep  in His way, i keep hearing the Lord say "Follow me Natalia." Also the people all around me that are excited for me to go, have been so encouraging! Thank you guys!
As I was thinking about serving in an orphanage, and as i was talkin…

God is faithful

Hello everyone!
Life is crazy and full of adventures! For the past 6-9 months I have been praying hard for God to show me what it is that I am supposed to do in life. My dad one day said "what about being a missionary?" Heck yeah, that is exactly what God wants me to do! As many of you know I grew up in an orphanage in Russia, and ever since I became a christian, my heart was always with the orphans. I know what it feels like to be in an orphanage. See there are a few things my caregivers did not do..they didn't show love and care. They were there to do their job, check if we did our homework, made sure we brushed our teeth, and made sure we stayed out of trouble. Those things are great and I am forever grateful that they took the time to do that, however, there were no hugs, no care, no love, no encouragement. None of that. God has shown me that the little children should be cared for, should be loved! So that's where this adventure begins, I've been praying and…