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Beautiful Stranger

Hey Guys!
"God, I hear You calling out to me
In the voices of the least of these
Calling me to reach beyond my world
To the beautiful stranger" -Rebecca St James

A beautiful stranger, Brenda taught me a very good lesson. 

This weekend CBCHB took the Jr Highers to LA to serve the homeless, play Bingo with the elderly and serve at Midnight Mission(rehabilitation center for men.) What a great trip! It was a blessing to watch them grow and watch them serve, and most importantly watch their eyes and hearts open to His truth. The Lord did so much in their hearts and made them see that there are so many people with out Christ. I absolutely love serving in LA, God has taught me so much as well. was an early, cold and rainy day, the ground was freezing and there were people everywhere. My group and I were searching for someone to eat breakfast with and talk to. No luck. As we were crossing the street i saw, t-shirt, pants and a blanket. Her feet must have been numb.…