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There is more to life.

Everything reminds me of Haiti.... I see the kids faces everywhere, sounds odd I know. I was there only for a short time but it changed my life. All I know is that God is good....all the time. I know God has wonderful plans for me and for Haiti. I know I will be returning there next year. You know what's awesome? In January, when I was planning my trip to Indonesia, already contacted the orphanage I was going to work at and all, wise people have asked me if I was ready for this...of course, me...the adventurous one said "of course." then they told me about a few missionaries who had a burning feeling, a strong passion to be a missionary... And I had to think about it. This trip to Haiti was awesome.. Because the other day I was praying, praying for clarity and direction... And I had "that" feeling. I couldn't sit still... I wanted to be with children no matter where. This trip God showed me that because of my up bringing in an orphanage, I can relate to any…

Haiti-the Beautiful Jewel.

This is Adnika! Precious child.
All these kids taught be so much. They are so blessed, and so full of joy. The blessed me more than I blessed them.
I thought Haiti was going to be a sad place, a dark was the complete opposite. yes there was a lot of devastation, there was a lot of poor people and kids running around, but you know what they had that I don't, or we don't? Great faith. faith that God provides, faith that God satisfies. The first day of the feeding program i was in shock and overwhelmed, it hit me hard. I was only seeing the negative things, but if you start looking at what God has done in their lives, you would see His greatness shine upon them. These children new God personally...praised Him for everything. Always joyful with the little things they had.....we have to learn from them.
The older kids have dreams of what they want to accomplish..they strive to be somebody in this world. They love life, no matter how difficult it is. no matter how little…