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This morning it was the first time I heard the sound of rain since I came home from Haiti. It was a soothing sound, and then I fell back to sleep. I woke up thinking about Haiti, and how much the kids love the rain, but how much the families living in the tents hate it. The humidity, the mud, everything that they wanted to keep dry is now wet.

Today is monday...they do their feeding programs on mondays. This brough back the memory of all the kids rushing in while it was pouring down rain. The kids were so thirsty that they would open up their mouths just to get some drops of rain in them, or they would stick their faces right underneath the rooftops to catch the heavy flow of the rain....oh how i miss that sight. I miss franticly running in the rain putting a bowl of rice and beans in front of a child. I miss their smell, I miss their sounds, most of all i miss their touch.

 Emmanuel <3 my boy.

 I miss you my precious America.
The rain now has a meaning....I think of t…