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Radical, Different, Extraordinary....still exists.

OH MY WORD! God has presented to me something HUGE. Oh top of going to Haiti in June, I have also been given an opportunity to go to Uganda with Unchanging Truth Ministry International. Being all caught up in the excitement I said "YES," and then someone really close to me made me think about it more, research it more and basically just use my brain. Well, I did that....God has reassured me that this is what His plans for me are. I am nervous, scared, speechless, overwhelmed-yet at peace. I am stressing out about the details, but over all I am ecstatic to see what God has in store for me.
I am reading "Kisses from Katie" by Katie Davies a girl who moved to Uganda when she was 18 and has been living there, she started an orphanage there, and now has 14 children that she has adopted. (i began reading this book a few months ago) I've always admired her! She has relied on God for everything, and when she didn't God opened her eyes! She has a huge heart for the…

AWAKE AND ALIVE once again.

Seriously! Growth-what an adventure. I honestly think that so far this year, God has grown me more than ever. Tonight God has awakened me.
I've realized that recently Ive been held back from God by my pain and pride. I think that God finally is breaking me down and it feels ok. I am at peace because I know that God is holding me. Tonight He did some major truth slapping in the face and convicting yet always reminding me that He has me right where He needs me....on my knees crying out to Him.
God is definitely teaching me to love, to forgive and to guard my heart-all this is not easy.
My focus has been regained and I am alive once again!
Tonight God has been so specific with what I need to do, He is definitely not a God confusion. I am ALIVE and AWAKE!


Prayer much needed!

I am free.

People. Life. Its a crazy ride. We as individuals have no contorl of what other people do or don't, but we often times forget that we're definitely in control of our own attitudes and our own actions. Why is that? We tend to give power to people over our emotions and actions, that's crazy.
For the past couple of months Gods been preparing my heart for something...something big. I had no idea what it was until it hit me...and boy did it hit hard.
What Im learning is that people will do what they want, and just because they are not doing what you're expecting them too doesn't mean they are the ones that are lost. I've realized that we as human beings tend to get so lost in what others are doing, and we forget about what we should be doing. What about love? What about perseverance? What about flexibility? yeahh...God's been showing me that none of that has been happening in my lfie.
So during this hard thing that I am dealing with, God's been quiet just…