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Matthew 18:20

"....For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

 "Hello all,
Much prayer is needed for heartbreaking situations here in Haiti in the Child Hope Community. Top on my list is the possible destructive hurricane due to land here possibly Friday eve. There are many that won't even know there is a storm and preparation is so limited here. We will be safe in our strong stone homes with a generator and food but , most of Haiti will not.Many tent city families will be in the path of the torential
rain which causes mud slides and winds that will blow away  tents and weak structures. Child Hope if needed will offer shelter at the feeding program shelter.
We ask for limited damage, safety, provision to get food and water and the Lords protection for all.

Second prayer request : A little girl that comes to the feeding program is abused by her father and recently whipped her in the face with his belt when she asked for food and water. She is looked after by an old women in the tent city along with 5 other children. She has no other family and your prayers are need for provision for a new home away from her abusive Dad. Child Hope takes only true orphans due to parents wanting them back and other problems that arise. This is one of many abusive situations I hear almost daily where the children are ignored, not fed and cared for. Unfortunately there is no Child Welfare. Our school principal,  Ivens has taken in 2 orphan children , 6 months, and 2years. He will care for them as best he can until he is able to find a home for them. Ivens has a limited salary so pray for Gods provision for all that he needs for their care, the childrens health, and a good loving home to grow up in.
Janette, our amazing cook here at the Guesthouse recently lost her sister in law to a tragic accident and her brother is alone with 6 children to care for. He of course is overwhelmed and we are praying that family members and friends will be at his side to support and care for his family.

Each day here in Haiti we see so many of the Lords blessings and provisions in addition to situations that break your heart. My faith has become so much stronger in the broken world here and commited to serve where he leads me.
Thank you for your prayers and support ,
Bonjay Beinue (God Bless you)"

Received this email today....broke my heart and brought me to tears. please pray. I know these people personally. Jannet is so close to my heart, Ivens is like a big brother to me, and the kids...well, you know how dearly I love them all. Can't ephasize enough how powerful prayer can be.



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