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"Have you fasted? Have you prayed about it?"

A lot of my friends from Africa fast...all the time. Any time I'd talk to them about an issue I have or something I'm wanting to hear from the Lord they'd say "Have you fasted? Have you prayed about it?" 

My friends in Africa cherish the time they are in complete need of Jesus.

I sit here in my house, having everything I've dreamed of having and more. Eating foods of my choice, sipping on my delicious coffee, browsing the Internet, and doing homework. How am I in desperate need of Him?

I have decided to do a 21 day fast...I've acknowledged what rules my life, what occupies a lot of my time-social networking. It sounds so silly, and not a big problem at all....or what I like to call it a "First World Problem." As I was praying, asking God to reveal to me what has a hold over me, that's what He pointed out.

Today is my second day with no Facebook, no Pinterest, no Instagram; it feels awesome. Freeing really. Its tough though, I used to check F…

Doubtless heart

Ever wonder why it seems like our prayers are just bouncing off the walls? As if they are unheard? Uncared for? I don't know about you, but I feel like that at times...

This morning I stayed home from church but I spent time in the word and listening to Francis Chan, and boy am I glad I did that. I've realized something....

I don't pray with complete faith, I pray with doubt...I may not sound like it, but my heart doubts. I pray in a way that tests God "will see if You come through God." Or I pray with "I'm going out on a limb here, don't think You'll accomplish this, but here goes nothing." In my opinion God doesn't listen to those prayers, and then I sit here and wonder "What the heck? I'm praying and praying and nothing happens." Well, hello- I'm praying with a doubtful heart, with an unfaithful heart. No wonder.

"'Have faith in God,' Jesus answered. 'I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mount…