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Being Jonah

The book of Jonah- wow. Everyone has heard the story. God calls Jonah to Nineveh to share the Word because the city was full of wickedness and God wanted to destroy it, Jonah refused; instead He went to Tarshish to run away from God. Silly Jonah, silly me. Jonahs disobedience causes a huge storm to rage and whoever he was traveling with was distraught and all began to call out to their own gods. What did Jonah do? He went down to the lowest parts of the ship and went to sleep. Really?
So the solution to the raging storm was to throw Jonah overboard, then he ended up in a belly of a fish for three days. If that doesn't cause you to surrender I don't know what will. So Jonah finally surrenders and decides to obey the Lord. He goes to Ninevah and preaches, they turn away from their own ways and turn to God. The process was smooth and Jonah was angry because God decided to have compassion. See, Jonah knew the character of God, He knew God was a merciful and compassionate God- He b…

Be known for being loved by God.

What do people say about you? How do they describe you? Obviously, it's hard for an individual to know exactly what kind of reputation he/she holds, but generally speaking, what are you known for?
When your name comes up in conversations what comes to mind?

Finally, what do you want to be known as?

A risk taker? The girl who dresses weird? A guy who always laughs? Someone who wears a lot of bracelets? Someone who travels? A Christian?

 How about this: Be known for being loved by God. This concept has nothing to do with what we personally do. This love was poured down on us with out us asking, nor striving, reaching for it. It was a free gift by God. All the other descriptions always have something to do with US, OUR doing, even being called a Christian. Because we know sometimes people can look "christian" dress "christian" and act "christian" therefore gaining the reputation of "yep, that guy is a christian." But personally I want to be know…

A Humbling Reminder

Question. Have you ever had this overwhelming reminder of how messed up you are? A reminder of all of your shortcomings?

It's a humbling feeling isn't? I am absolutely incompetent of living this life without God, and when I try to take on the world on my own, that's when I begin failing and that's when I am reminded I am absolutely nothing.

It is a hard concept to grasp but I giving myself away. "He must become increase and I must decrease." - John 3:30. No, this does not mean I need to walk around with a low self esteem, with a constant weight of my failures on my shoulders. After all, "there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.."- Romans 8:1
John 15:5 tells us "I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing." Why do you think it says that? "Apart from Me you can do nothing"- that's because God didn't plan for us to li…


Every night, I lay in bed consumed by the thoughts of another world.
Every night is a battle with in my heart, the longing for the place where I want to be.
The memories, the faces, the dreams-flash before my eyes.
Instead of daydreaming, I lie sleepless at night, imagining life outside myself.

I see two worlds collide- Haiti and Uganda becoming one in my heart. It's not longer divided, it's unified. My heart beats equally for both countries, and I know the Lord isn't done with me yet.

I twist and turn tonight. Oh the possibilities. Looking towards the future that is held in my Fathers hands brings me utter sleepless peace.

My imaginations, my dreams- will become reality one day no doubt. Actually it will be better than I have ever imagined it be. As I delight in my God, He will give me the desires of my heart.

At times it seems impossible. At times I put limits on my God. At times I become complacent. At times I let myself think that this is all there is...the constan…