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Confessions of an empty heart.

It's been a while.

Where do I begin? Its been a while since I've felt joy. I've smiled, I've laughed-but when the day comes to an end... what then? It's been a while since I've opened my bible. Or payed close attention to a verse. It's been a while since I've had a meaningful conversation with somebody. It's been somewhat easier that way. Its been a while since I've encouraged someone or showed grace, its been a while since I ran to God...

My anger has blinded me. My impatience has overtaken me. My ambitions have swayed me. My passion has stolen my heart.

Ever since I came back last summer from my trips, I've longed with all my heart to go back to Uganda or Haiti. My love for those countries has grown so much that I began forgetting, ignoring, diminishing my love for where I am. No matter how hard I've been trying to find joy here, or see God's blessings here...all I get is emptiness in return.

Every direction I turn is a dead end. L…