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Loosen up that grip of yours.

Sometimes in life we lose things. Sometimes God does give and take away. We get attached to something, and we begin to make it a part of our lives and BAM its gone. just like that.

Today I had a revelation. I was sitting in church, and I was feeling afraid. Afraid that all I have right now, the people in my life- that I will lose them. I've been feeling imprisoned by the thought of "God gives and takes away." With God I'm supposed to be free, the prison life is not what He's planned for me, yet I feel my grip grow tighter around the things I am terrified to lose. No, I'm not putting people above God, nor am I idolizing them, its just sometimes- I can't even picture my life with out them. So I would be terrified if all of a sudden I didn't have them.

Why am I feeling this way? Because I've believed the lie that Satan keeps trying to feed me. Yes, God does give and take away-I've blogged about this before, but it usually turns out for the bette…

The journey

Tell me about the journey you're on and I'll tell you mine. 

This journey we're all on, its a hard one. We might think we're headed in the right direction, and some of us on the right path. But then there are some that are directionally challenged...yeah that would be me. Always have been.

I'm starting to believe that most likely life doesn't throw us "curve balls" or "throw lemons" at us, life is made up of our decisions, our motives, our desires, our actions....but ya know, we're human beings so we like to think that life happens to us, something to blame when things go bad. On the contrary, we're the makers of our lives, we eventually decide what we do and what we live for. Do we believe in God. What's our definition of "right" and "wrong." What do we consider "grey areas" in our lives. I mean there are countless things that are ultimately left for us to decide. So what is going to be?

The journe…