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"Wasn't that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted."~Abraham Verghese 

These words got me thinking. For so long I was so stuck up on the idea that my "home" was somewhere else. As I traveled overseas, visiting Haiti and Uganda, I always believed that my home was out there, never was I satisfied with where I was at. No matter how much I told myself that this is "home" I always daydreamed about the Haitian culture, the people, the kids. I envisioned the Ugandan red dirt, the streets, the villages on a daily basis.

Home. I am realizing- is not a geographical place, its the people. It is where you are wanted. Needed. Where your presence is missed when you're gone. Haiti and Uganda are places I've visited, made relationships and I would love to see them  again. However, Huntington Beach, where I was brought to live from half way around the world, this- is my home. To leave this, to leave my family who loves me and…