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Little did I know

Life. Tonight it feels as though every single good and bad memory is being replayed in my mind. I see many people, many faces, many moments- which either have brought great joy or the darkest of sadness.

Ten years ago, I was brought to California. A place where every twelve year old girl who lived in an orphanage dreamed of being. A place where we all sat and thought of as the "savior" of all, land of complete and utter happiness. What else do you picture a twelve year old girl to want, need, desire and long for? When all she was facing was a drunken mom, a distant father, two baby girl sisters who were taken away from her and an alcoholic grandma. When all she heard were empty promises of a family, when all she wanted was the closeness of a mothers arms she got to see her back as she walked away on a daily basis, when all you wanted was to be spoiled by your grandma and all you saw was a bottle in her hands instead of you. Countless men- coming in and out of my mothers lives…