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No..I \will\ hope.

Here comes another cheesy, cliche and completely unoriginal thought from a twenty something...growing up.
From the time we are born we are taught by our parents, peers, school, and society "the ways of life." Parents do their best to prepare us for every single difficult encounter we will face in life, they tell us about their mistakes in hopes of us not repeating them; which, ha lets face it we do. Not only do we repeat their mistakes, we also at times go above and beyond and do much worse. In high school, our peers or so called friends teach you lessons no one in the world can teach you; the value of friendships, your self worth, and courage. As far as society goes, well, it fails on so many levels. The way social media portrays us twenty somethings is utterly mediocre. Ninety five percent of shows and movies we watch in the span of growing up, gives us a false picture of a smooth sailing from high school right into college, with a wonderful and too good to be true signifi…

| Love the optimism though |

This is the day where everyone starts their New Year resolutions, where every one says "the past is the past," "new page to your novel begins now," and many more cliche sayings.
Reality check. The past doesn't disappear the minute you wake up on January first, and "new page to your novel" is just a page of the same old book, probably even the same chapter. Nothing changes over night. I love the optimism though.
Why say such things when we all clearly know that none of them are true? Stop saying "closing a chapter" but say "I lived 2014, and I will continue living 2015 and so on." Mistakes, heartache, set backs, tears, joys, fear,'s a continuous soundtrack to life that keeps replaying every single year whether you like it or not. So just stop closing chapters, but improve your book all together.
Resolutions. Just stop there. Have goals yes, but don't just have them at the end of a year, have them every day. Don&#…