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Walk the Halls

"When one door closes, another one opens" or "good things end, better things will begin" or something like that. We hear those all the time as encouragements. Fluffy encouragements I should say.

I used to be all for it though, don't get me wrong, optimism is everything, but it ain't the key. The key is...realism.

When good things come to an end, whether abruptly or gradually, give yourself time. Time to process, soak it all in, time to be still, and just take a breath and relax. I used to frantically look for a solution right when there was a stall.

My mama always says "this too shall pass" and guess what, sometimes its gonna take its darn time to actually pass. It might take a few months for whatever it is you're going through to pass over, or it might take a lifetime, and quite frankly it might not at all.

What I've been realizing, is that we don't give ourselves the "pause" we deserve. We don't take the proper time ne…