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You sit and you wonder "what is wrong with me?" You're twenty something, and it seems as though your life isn't progressing. Maybe you're not seeing the big masterpiece of a picture, but it sure looks like a mess up close.

Have you ever seen Claude Monet's Impression, Sunrise painting? Monet and his style of painting says something. It might not say the same thing to you, but hear me out. He wasn't your typical painter, he actually studied nature, the colors, and the changes. He watched the sunsets and it's shades, he witnessed the sunrises and its fullness of light. He dissected each color spectrum and he interpreted that onto a canvas. In this particular painting taking place in France, up close, I saw blobs of colors, and quite frankly the colors were all blended in and looked the same. What seemed to be the figures from afar, looked like sticks up close. I so love and appreciate this specific painting.

Where am I getting at? Life may not look so c…

I never liked puzzles

It's dark and windy tonight. My shutters half way closed, I see a reflection of outside on my ceiling. I hear the wind blow in the trees, cars drive by and sometimes I see lights. However, it is so hauntingly quiet, and with no surprise my thoughts are louder than ever.

Have you ever felt as though things are about to change? You can't pin point it, can't imagine it, can't even trace it? As if something in you is being awakened?

I laid here, in my fluffy bed for about thirty minutes, and all that ran through my mind is the word "change."
It's terrifying, yet intriguing.

My life has been so all over the place these past couple of years, and even more so these past couple of months. So many changes within me, I can't even keep up.

I feel as though I'm unraveling. My own self was lost and piece by piece I'm putting myself back together again. I'm seeing so much of what does not fit, puzzle pieces that don't belong where I tried so hard to…