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the feels.

I saw a photo this week and the quote was: 

person: so what music are you into?
me: are you sure you're ready for this conversation? 

If you know me well enough my life revolves around music, the feels, and melodies that sound a lot like heartbreak. I love to read between the lines, and some may say I do too much of that. What I love the most about music is hearing the voices, the tones: the falsettos, vibratos, sopranos and the emotion they each carry. I love when artists lay it all out on the table, the rawness of their melodies speak volumes. 

Music is what typically gets me through my days, sounds that put words to my feelings. Music has a tendency to validate my inner self, pin points my confusions, and gives me solutions. Any song I hear, I fall in love with at least a lyric, a piece of me always connects and relates. 

Melody. The melody of certain songs grabs me and drags me through the various ups and downs, from the highest pitch to the lowest run.  Melody and rhythm of the songs take me through a story of my own life. The strumming of a guitar chord already has my heart racing, add a soothing voice, or even a raspy full of emotion vocals and I completely lose myself. 

I love happy songs for sure, but its the sad songs that get me, it's the realness of a struggle that hits me, its the cries I hear in the voices, the sorrow I feel from the beats, and it's the yearning I hear in the words that fill me. 

It's the feels. 

Many people that know me well, or even a little, know that I will always have something up my sleeve, whether it be a relatable quote, or a song, or a one line metaphor to describe certain life events. I think that's what makes me an open book. I don't mind that. I don't mind people seeing my vulnerability. Of course that leaves me open to easier heartbreak, but there's always a balance between the two. 

to me, the brokenness of a person is what's the most beautiful and that's why I find sad songs beautiful. 


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