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Don't walk away. Please stay. For goodness' sake, just grow.

Do you have a memory that takes you back to the time in life where you knew you changed? Where your outlook on people shifted? Where all of a sudden you didn't see much good in the world, let alone the person next to you? Where what used to be a fire in your heart, turned into a bunch of ashes? Where you put your dreams on hold? Where you chose to walk away?

I do. 

The walking away is what I do best, and at this point I'm not afraid to admit so. I've learned that walking away is actually not for my own benefit, but for the benefit of others. My presence at times doesn't make the other person grow, be better, or even smile. So, I just walk away.

Going back to the point in time where I changed, I realized, that I just turned by back and walked away. Now that I am three short years wiser, I wish I stayed. I wish I fought and I wish the old me back.

Lesson here guys, is just stay. Whatever life situation you are in, stay. And, don't just stay, but grow. A tree stays in one spot it's whole life, but it grows. It grows beautiful leaves, and strong branches. So you do that also.

Tonight, it's heavy. I look back, and it all seems like I just clicked pause on my life, to live for only myself. I stopped growing, and I stopped striving to be better. In turn, I lost the compassion I had for people, the kind that had a healing touch. I used to love people, I saw good in everything. Now I realize in my pause from life, I became skeptical, I judge more quickly than show love, I do not like this. I clicked pause on my heart, I've shut it off, I stopped listening, I walked away from myself.

I feel like I'm looking at my life from a third person perspective. I see the me back then, and I see the me sitting here writing this blog, and those two me's are from two ends of the worlds.

Guys. Keep growing. Don't allow yourself to be stuck in situations that you know won't lead anywhere. Don't be with people that don't know how to water your tree, instead just use your branches to build their own fires. 

Don't walk away. Please stay. For goodness' sake, just grow.


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