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I saw you today. Through a window on an old video tape. 

Lets back up. 
On this dark night, with the wind howling outside and the branches hitting my window, I asked my mother to find my video tape of the trip I took back to my homeland. I watched it. 
My story is intense. It's complicated. I sat there watching myself hug my "family" members, I heard their voices, I saw where I lived. I walked the stairs that led to my "home." I walked through the corridors with ripped wall paper all the way down to the floor. I saw my bed. I closed my eyes and I could almost feel you. 
I walked in the kitchen, and there it was...the window. 
At this point, you, the reader, might be a little lost. See, I had a man in my life who chose me every time, loved me for always, sacrificed a whole lot and who would literally give me the moon if I asked. The man my grandma remarried was the best decision she ever made for herself and for me. 
Moving onto the worst decision my mother ever made.…