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here's my heart..

Let's take it back to the basics. 

My life needs a remodel, my heart needs rejuvenation, and my mind needs renewing. 

When I was seventeen, the years where my energy was at it's highest, my motivation at its peak and my certainty of self was absolute. I knew who I was with the ever changing world, I stood my ground with my beliefs. I knew what life wanted from me and I was ready to deliver. I knew my identity and I never felt alone, forgotten, betrayed, or worthless. No matter what I faced, I knew whose arms to run to. In happy times, I knew who to thank and in sad times, I knew who to cry to. 

I have lost my way. 

Here come the confessions of an almost twenty four year old who reminisces about the times when she knew she was His Daughter. I'm still His Daughter. 

I don't know who you believe in, I don't know if you even believe anything in that matter. You might have been so hurt, let down far too many times to believe in anything or anyone. Your family might have rais…