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babbling and rambling

what will you do this year? who will you become? which version of you will you chose to show others? 

each year, we proclaim a new self, we make resolutions, we commit to being better, and honestly guys, it never lasts long. its rather silly. 

of course I'm excited for the new year, however what stopped us from being the better us last year, a day ago? why do we as a people do that to ourselves, it's almost as if we give ourselves a free ticket to screw up and be whoever we want to be and act however we want to act, and soon as its a different four digit date, we think all that is forgotten and we start over. No. 

the heartaches of last year still haunt us. The mistakes we made last year we are still paying consequences for. The joy we experienced in the year of 2015 we still feel the outcome of it now. 

so with this new year, take all the experiences, take all the pain, take all heartbreaks and sad songs, and claim them as part of you, and learn. Learn to be stronger, don't j…