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not even I

Since my grandmothers passing, I have decided to take my faith more seriously. The short twelve years that I was blessed with knowing that wonderful lady, I have watched God pour out of her. At her memorial, seeing all the lives she has touched, made me look at my life, am I going to leave a legacy like that someday? Will I be a blessing for people to remember and to miss? How in the world did she manage to do it all and to love so many? 
I came up with one answer and one answer only...God. 
I had a conversation about a week ago with a very very dear friend of mine, and we were talking about Romans 8:31-39, where it talks about how nothing can separate us from the love of God. Meaning, once we are saved, we are His. I've heard this verse a million times, it was always encouraging, knowing that no matter what comes my way, no matter what battles I've lost, I am His once and for all. 
Read this with me: "And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Nei…

my grandma's house

It will always be My Grandma's house.

Tomorrow it will be two weeks without her presence here on earth and next to us. Two weeks used to feel so long ago and now two weeks seems like yesterday. With each life taken there is an immeasurable amount of pain we go through, the tears we shed, the sobbing bodies we hold, and we let others hold us when all we wish is to be in her arms just one more time.

I've watched the husband of his beloved wife weep, pounding his fist on the hospital table crying out "no, no, no, please no." I watched the denial fade and the reality settle into a man who has lost his beloved girl. I hear his cries still.

I've witnessed a great weakness come over the youngest son of this wonderful women I call my grandma. There's a hole in his heart and I see right into it. When I close my eyes in this barely lit room I can still see him giving his mother a last good bye hug, holding that lifeless body, and kissing those ice cold cheeks. I hear the …