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May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in

I read a quote once, it stated "If you must leave, leave people better than you found them" or something along those lines. 
Through out life, we meet people, we let them into our lives, we reveal ourselves, we let them write our story. We make an impact one way or another. If we're lucky, and I mean really lucky, we get to keep those people in our lives, but sometimes that's not the case. 
Sometimes people come into our lives for the sole purpose of teaching us a lesson, or open our closed shut eyes to a new perspective, and when the job is done, it's time to go. 
I struggle with that at times. Why is it that we get to be a part of someone else's life for what it seems a split second, make an imprint and then it seems inevitable that we leave? Do we simply not allow ourselves to attach and in the duration of the friendship or whatever it may be we still show the love, mercy and compassion? Do we protect ourselves and guard our hearts while we teach others their…