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"No, Nat- It's what you make it"

For the longest time I've trained my brain to think that it is okay to say "it is what it is." Until a few days ago, I was with a friend and he said "No, it's what you make it." Something his father taught him, and he passed it on to me. 

That night I was laying my bed with my Christmas lights on, fan blowing on me, cuddling my stuffed animal Buzz, I realized that I've settled, I've let that phrase be enough for me, and it became some sort of justification for how things are in life. 

Life is what we as individuals make, we are not punching bags, we don't just roll with "it is what it is" because we are fully capable to make changes, we were given an unimaginable capacity to chose which paths we'll take, we've been blessed with unfathomable wisdom to think for ourselves and to decide whether the life we live is okay with us. Life doesn't decide for us, we make it. Every decision we make, every person we keep or push away, pla…